Tatung Advancedceramics Co., Ltd
  • Zirconia ball and butterfly valve

    Zirconia ceramic Ball and butterfly Valves are optimized being used for transportation systems of various acid, alkaline or saline gases, solutions, high temperature steams and slurries, in the lines of oil industry, metallurgy, papermaking, power station, refinery, etc.

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    Zirconia ball and butterfly valve
  • Ceramic metal plunger

    Compared with metal plunger, ceramic plunger solved the problem of bad corrosion and wear resistance and short working life. Compared with existent ceramic plunger, our anti-pull-off ceramic plunger solved the problem of easier pull off of metal from ceramic.

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    Ceramic metal plunger
  • Pump ceramic shaft and bush

    Our production process ranges from powder molding, through working the green parts to grinding and polishing of the sintered components. Excellent surface finish characteristics along with superior corrosion and abrasion resistance make ceramic materials the first choice for plunger pumps

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    Pump ceramic shaft and bush
  • Ceramic cutting tools

    Our ceramic Cutting Tool is an inorganic materials, die-pressed and sintered using very fine and pure raw materials. These are oxide, carbide and nitride with high purity and fine microstructure. Since our ceramics is prepared byHIP process to condense completely

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    Ceramic cutting tools
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TATUNG ADVANCEDCERAMICS CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer and exporter of high- precision, structural ceramic parts and technical ceramic products in China. We produce ceramic parts in zirconium, High purity alumina oxide, steatite, etc. Our manufacturing processes are dry pressing, extrusion, injection molding, iso-static pressing system, ceramic metallization and glazing, high temperature sintering, grinding and lapping. We have the finest equipment, enabling us to produce high quality ceramic products at competitive prices, in the quantities you may require. We offer our engineering abilities to help you with your design and material selection for your unique application Learn more →