Tatung Advancedceramics Co., Ltd

About Us

Manufacturing Capability 

TATUNG ADVANCEDCERAMICS CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer and exporter of high- precision, structural ceramic parts and technical ceramic products in China. We produce ceramic parts in zirconium, High purity alumina oxide, steatite, etc. Our manufacturing processes are dry pressing, extrusion, injection molding, iso-static pressing system, ceramic metallization and glazing, high temperature sintering, grinding and lapping. We have the finest equipment, enabling us to produce high quality ceramic products at competitive prices, in the quantities you may require. We offer our engineering abilities to help you with your design and material selection for your unique application 

Tatung supplies products for automotive, electronics, medical,equipment and machinery industries. Manufacturers of electronic components, lighting, package, pressure sensor, electric motor, pump, valve, solid oxide fuel cell, and dental, etc are among the primary users of the company’s ceramic products. Beyond that, the applications are diverse and the possibilities are endless